Intership Program
Divemaster - Instructor

PADI Open Water Diver

Do you want to become a PADI Professional?

At TossaDivers we believe in opportunities and helping those who want to start their professional path in the wonderful professional sector of diving.

For this reason, we have continuous and personalized training programs so that you can acquire the maximum experience and professionalism in this sector.

The professional path in the world of diving begins with the Divemaster, a course in which you learn an infinite number of skills to become a good guide and the resource where instructors rely on to offer the best possible training. In addition, during the course, you will get real contact with what it is like to work in a diving center, something essential, from our point of view, to dedicate yourself professionally in this sector.

For this we have personalized intership programs, so that they adapt to your needs and availability, and thus achieve the maximum contribution to your training.

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