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TossaDivers is a 5-star PADI IDC center, born from a passion for diving and service, where we want to transmit and share everything that diving means to us.

We are located on the seafront, with a completely renovated space, where we have changing rooms with showers, a large terrace with plenty of space, so that you can assemble or clean your equipment in a comfortable and quiet way. No need to travel by van and no waiting to do what you like the most, to dive!!!

Diving in Tossa de Mar is an incredible experience, due to the great variety of life it has in its waters and we love being able to show each of its special spots. If you have never dived, Tossa de Mar is your place to start, easily accessible and with the help of our great professionals, you will discover a whole new world that you will fall in love with.

Nuestro centro - TossaDivers centro de buceo en Tossa - Terraza
TossaDivers centro de buceo en Tossa - Vestuarios
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Energía renovable

At TossaDivers, we embrace renewable energies, and in line with our strong commitment to renewable energies, we are pleased to inform you about the successful implementation of a solar panel installation on our premises. This innovative system allows us to cover over 60% of our total energy consumption, marking a significant milestone in our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and adopt more environmentally friendly practices.

We believe that taking environmental responsibility is essential in all facets of our operations. The integration of this solar technology not only aims to optimize the efficiency of our operations but also to lead by example and inspire others to embark on the path toward sustainability.

At TossaDivers, we deeply appreciate the participation of each member of our community in this initiative. By diving with us, you not only experience the wonders of the ocean but also contribute to building a greener and more environmentally respectful future.

We are grateful for your ongoing support and commitment to our cause. May this period serve as a reminder of the importance of preserving and caring for our precious home, both in the depths of the ocean and on the surface of the earth.

Energía renovable TossaDivers