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At TossaDivers we offer you all the services you need to enjoy your passion for diving.

Do not hesitate to ask us any questions you have and we will surely be able to help you

At TossaDivers we have the best facilities on the beach for diving, whether you are a certified diver, or want to start in this fantastic world, with the help of professional instructors, who will make your experience with us a unique and special moment .

The Diving Center

Our services

Equipment rental

Do you want to dive but don’t have equipment? No problem, at TossaDivers we rent everything to you. uit, regulators, jackets, diving comptures….we have all you need.

Diving Insurance

Diving insurance is 100% mandatory for diving. If you don’t have it one, we will help you to get one for only one day, for a month o we can do it a year insurance.


A reviewed equipment, is a safety equipment underwater We are accredited professionals for the diving equipment maintenance.

Freelance instructor

Are you a freelance instructor and you want a place to develop your activities? Are you a diving cluband you want to finish your courses in the Mar Menuda? TossaDivers has all you need for it!

With large facilities, classrooms and fitting rooms. We can keep your equipment, charge your tanks, have equipment for rental and DPV’s .